Malaysian family forgets freshman son at rest stop en route to university

Photo by Mark Chan on Unsplash.

A Malaysian family caught major attention online after a humorous mishap. The family forgot their freshman son at a rest stop on the way to his university in the state of Kedah. The story quickly went viral, reported Sanook.

The amusing incident was shared on TikTok by Mohammad Khairul Azmi Ghazali, the older brother of the freshman who was left behind, Ahmad Shaqeer Luqman.

On August 3, the family was filled with pride that Shaqeer Luqman had passed his exams to attend the International Islamic University in Kumbang. They decided to celebrate the accomplishment by accompanying him to the university.

The family, including the father, mother, older brother, and sister-in-law, had to split into two cars for the journey from Terengganu to Pahang, approximately 340 kilometres.

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However, an unexpected incident occurred. The family stopped at a rest stop for everyone to take a break and use the restroom. Once everyone returned to the cars, they continued their journey.

But they had unknowingly left their star son Shaqeer Luqman behind while he was still in the restroom. Only when he called his mother in a panic did the family realise they had left him at the rest stop.

The video was posted on social media with the caption…

“The moment my mother realised her son was no longer in the back seat,” quickly went viral. Luckily, Shaqeer Luqman had his mobile phone with him. Otherwise, the Malaysian family would have proceeded directly to the university.

A kind-hearted driver gave him a lift to where his family was waiting, as they were on the highway and couldn’t turn back. After 20 minutes, the Malaysian boy was finally reunited with his family.

The comical story spread quickly on social media, attracting over three million views. Internet users took the opportunity to share their similar experiences in the comments.

“My father left me and my brother at a Petronas station. Luckily, I had my phone with me.”

“Ever since the whole family went to drop off at the university together, I felt something was going to happen.”

“Congratulations to the new student, but let me laugh first.”

“Look at his wrongdoings, LOL.”

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