Cyanide murder mastermind loses defamation case

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The Criminal Court has dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed by Sararat Rangsivuthaphan, known as Am, the alleged mastermind behind several murder cases involving cyanide, against Rapee Chumnanruen, who coordinated on behalf of the victims. The court’s decision came after evidence was presented proving Rapee’s statements made during a television interview about Am’s deception of authorities were true.

Am’s lawyer, Thanicha Eaksuwan, or Lawyer Pach, stated prior to the court hearing that if the case was dismissed, they would appeal. However, if the court accepted the case and issued an order, and Rapee failed to appear for the hearing, she would serve a court order to his residence. She was confident in her evidence against Rapee, who admitted that the person in the clip was indeed him.

Lawyer Pach revealed that it was now in the stage of determining whether the actions constituted an offence or not. This would be another stage where the court would first have to accept the charges for further consideration.

Following the court’s dismissal of the case, Lawyer Pach announced her intention to appeal within 30 days. New evidence was submitted to the court yesterday – a document regarding the power of attorney given by the deceased’s mother to Rapee, which showed abnormalities.

The power of attorney document was dated April 14, 2023, but the copy of the card used for the power of attorney certification was dated May 1, 2023. This could suggest that the card was issued after the power of attorney document was made, which Lawyer Pach believed could influence the change of the court’s order on appeal.

Regarding the remaining cases of Am Cyanide, the police claimed they would conclude all cases and charge Am in all 15 cases. Currently, only one case involving a woman named Koi has reached the prosecutor. This has led to questions regarding the progress of the remaining cases.

If the police do not charge the remaining cases as they announced to the media, the related officers and all remaining victims’ relatives could face a counter-lawsuit.

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