Major floods hit Australia

New South Wales flood, screen grab.

Heavy rains have caused major floods in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Authorities have warned that the crisis could last until early next week. Already over 85,000 people in New South Wales, most in Sydney’s western suburbs, have been asked to either evacuate or warned they might receive evacuation orders.

Australia’s PM Anthony Albanese announced today that flood victims will receive cash payments starting tomorrow (Thursday). Across 23 areas, adults will be eligible for US$1,000, while every child will be eligible for US$400.

Photos and videos show Sydney’s suburban dwellers kayaking through the floods, with even a large bus stuck deep in water. Despite these drastic conditions, Australian meteorologist Jonathan How says things are beginning to look up for Sydney. How told Australian Broadcasting Corp…

“We’re looking at some dry conditions tomorrow and then Friday, some slight showers returning on the weekend but nothing quite as heavy as what we have seen.”

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Scientists say climate change is worsening Australia’s floods, brushfires, cyclones, and droughts. Another devastating storm happened in New South Wales in March. The storm killed at least 13 people, and emergency services ordered 200,000 people to flee. After the March storm, reporters said it would be a very, very long way to recovery. Now that more major floods have hit the state, who knows how long it will take for locals to recover from the devastation.


SOURCE: Reuters | News AU

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