Lewis Capaldi cancels commitments for rest before Glastonbury performance

Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi has announced the cancellation of all his upcoming commitments until his performance at Glastonbury later this month. The 26-year-old artist cited the need for rest and recovery after an intense period both mentally and physically. Capaldi is set to perform on Glastonbury’s renowned Pyramid stage on Saturday, June 24, before Lizzo and headliner Guns N’ Roses.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Capaldi apologised to his 1.4 million followers, explaining his need for a break: “I need to take a moment to rest and recover, to be at my best and ready for Glastonbury and all the other incredible shows coming up, so that I’m able to continue doing what I love for a long time to come.”

The artist also expressed his desire to spend time with family and friends and engage in “normal life things” to aid his recovery. He acknowledged the inconvenience caused to fans who had spent money on travel or accommodation and expressed his gratitude for their support.

Among the cancelled performances is Capaldi’s debut at the Capital Summertime Ball, scheduled for Sunday, June 11, at Wembley Stadium. Fans have shown understanding and support for the singer’s decision, with many encouraging him to prioritise his well-being.

Capaldi’s announcement follows the recent success of his second album, Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent, which reached the top spot in the official UK album charts. In 2021, he postponed several live performances to focus on recording the album.

During an appearance on an Apple Music show, Capaldi admitted that his mental health struggles were a “direct symptom” of his work. He acknowledged that the challenges, including panic attacks and a recent Tourette’s diagnosis, were worth the trade-off for a pop star’s life but added that he might consider leaving music if his mental health continued to decline.

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