Labour MP suspended, accused of bringing sex workers to Commons bar

Allegations of sexual harassment have led to the suspension of a Labour MP, who has also been accused of bringing sex workers into parliament for drinks by two of his colleagues. A Labour MP and a Labour peer informed Sky News that it was common knowledge in Westminster that Geraint Davies would take women to one of the Commons’ bars and display them on the terrace outside.

A former parliamentary staffer has also come forward, alleging that Davies made inappropriate advances towards her during her time as a young researcher in the early 2000s. She claimed that his behaviour included sexual comments and inappropriate touching, and only ceased after she threatened to report him. She told Sky News, “It’s a well-known secret in Westminster about who to avoid and the parties need to act on these rumours before the perpetrators drag everyone down with them.”

Another Labour MP claimed to have heard numerous complaints from women regarding Davies’ behaviour, stating, “He’s certainly made me feel uncomfortable over the years… just always standing too close and being weird.”

Sexual harassment allegations against Davies initially emerged in an article from Politico. While he has not responded to any requests for a statement from Sky News, he told Politico, “I don’t recognise the allegations suggested and do not know who has made them. None of them, as far as I know, has been lodged as complaints with the Labour Party or parliament.”

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He added, “If I have inadvertently caused offence to anyone, then I am naturally sorry as it is important that we share an environment of mutual and equal respect for all.”

The Labour Party has suspended Davies and encouraged those affected by his behaviour to file a formal complaint to facilitate an investigation. However, Sky News has discovered evidence suggesting that the party’s whips’ office, responsible for the welfare of Labour MPs, had been informed about the allegations months prior.

A woman submitted a formal complaint to the party on Thursday afternoon. One Labour MP spoke to Sky News after Davies’ suspension, revealing, “He would openly boast about bringing escorts and prostitutes onto the terrace and show them off.”

The MP claimed that party officials had warned Davies to stop, but no formal complaints had been filed against him, stating, “They can’t take any action over hearsay.” A Labour peer from the House of Lords corroborated the claims, having seen Davies on the terrace with young women and hearing rumours of him “favouring Eastern Europeans.”

The MP described Davies, who represents Swansea West, as “a wrong ‘un” and “a sleazy man,” recounting, “He would look you up and down, make lewd comments and touch you around the waist when he came up behind you.”

They expressed relief that the allegations had surfaced, saying, “It is something he does to everyone. It is not unusual; it is just the pattern of his behaviour.” The MP added that newcomers were often warned not to be alone with Davies and to stay away from him.

However, they also expressed sympathy for party officials, who they claimed could not act without formal complaints being filed.

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