Huge stash of marijuana intercepted near the Malaysian border


Police have discovered some 1.6 tonnes of compressed high-grade marijuana. The stash was hidden in amongst other freight being carried on an 18 wheeler truck in Narathiwat. That’s a LOT of weed! The truck was on its way, allegedly to transfer into a boat to cross the Malaysian border, nearby.

Local drug authorities estimate the high-grade marijuana would have a street value around 50 million baht. They also said the marijuana was en route to Malaysia.

Police were tipped off to the transport of the drugs and went to Ban Kubu in Tambon Praiwan to check into reports of drugs being smuggled intoto Malaysia by boat.

Whilst checking on the movement of boats from the seaside town, police noticed an 18 wheel truck, registered in Saraburi, a province just north of Bangkok. The truck was loaded up with timber, apparently heading for Malaysia.

A 24 and 37 year old were looking after the cargo and its trip to the border.

As they started rummaging through the timber, they found 20 fertiliser sacks carrying 1,051 kilograms of compressed marijuana. Another 14 fertiliser sacks with 629 kilograms of marijuana were also found hidden inside.

All up, a total of 1,680 kilograms of compressed marijuana were seized. The driver told police that he had driven the truck south from Nakhon Phanom and admitted that the pair were aware of the content of the truck’s cargo..

They were both charged with drug offences. Police are also investigating the transport company and any other links to the huge stash of marijuana.

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