French purists claim British coronation quiche mislabelled

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The British palace has introduced a unique vegetarian “quiche” to celebrate King Charles III‘s coronation on Saturday. However, culinary experts in France argue that the dish has been erroneously labelled.

Last month, the palace shared the recipe for the Coronation Quiche, which aligns with the new monarch’s environmental concerns and contains no meat. The dish features ingredients such as spinach, broad beans, and tarragon.

Yet, in France, food enthusiasts contend that the only true quiche is quiche lorraine, named after the northeastern part of France from which it originates. The authentic quiche Lorraine consists of shortcrust pastry, a combination of eggs and cream with a hint of nutmeg and small pieces of thick bacon, but it does not contain cheese.

Derveaux, president of the Quiche Lorraine Guild, expressed her dismay over the British creation. She stated, “They called it a quiche, but I would rather say it’s a savoury tart.” She further emphasised, “When you say quiche, you automatically imply it is from the Lorraine region.”

The term ‘quiche’ is derived from a Lorraine dialect and means “tart,” according to France’s National Centre for Textual and Lexical Resources. Muller-Derveaux said this implies that even the French term “quiche lorraine” is, in fact, redundant.

The precursor of all quiches first made its appearance around 1540. It was created during the tranquil and prosperous reign of another Charles III, who was the Duke of Lorraine at the time.

The Quiche Lorraine Guild was re-established in 2015 to mark the 40th anniversary of the “Fête de la Quiche” in the region’s village of Dombasle-sur-Meurthe. In earlier celebrations, festivities included a float parade and the crowning of “Miss Quiche.” However, these traditions no longer take place and the event doesn’t draw as many visitors, according to Muller-Derveaux, reports Bangkok Post.

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