Woman fudged her age to hide grandma status from boyfriend

PHOTO: A man says his girlfriend lied about her age to hide that she was about to be a grandmother. (via Weibo)

They say age is nothing but a number, but how would you feel if your hot, young bride-to-be turned out to be a grandmother-to-be? That’s exactly what happened to Guo, a 31 year old man from China’s Henan province, who claims to have been the victim of “love fraud” after a 30 year old woman he was dating revealed her age to be 44, and about to become a grandmother.

Guo and his mystery woman met in October of last year, and things seemed to be going well. They spent a lot of time together and soon fell in love. Guo even took her home for a few weeks to meet his family. But it turns out, the woman had a secret about her age – she wasn’t 30, she was 44. And to make matters worse, she had kids and grandkids on the way. According to Guo, the woman used makeup and youthful fashions to make herself look younger.

But eventually, the truth came out, after a phone call from Guo’s mother revealed the woman’s true age. She was chatting with a friend familiar with the hometown of her son’s girlfriend. Her friend did some digging and turned up the truth about her age. Guo was shocked and immediately ended the relationship.

“I thought my marriage had therefore been settled. I believed I had found my lifelong partner, and I wanted to live the rest of my life with her. [Then] my mother told me her real age and that she has a son and a daughter. Her son, in his 20s, has been married for two years, and his wife will give birth soon. You see, a woman who is going to be a grandma is in a relationship with me. It means that I will be forced to be a grandpa at my age. How embarrassed I am! I feel I have lost face in front of all my fellow villagers because they all know of the scandal.”

But it wasn’t just the age difference that had Guo feeling embarrassed, it was the fact that he had given the woman around 10,000 yuan (about 49,000 baht) she had asked for. Guo said that when he ended the relationship, telling his now ex-girlfriend that she cheated on him, she was angry and denied that she was a con artist.

“She was angry with me. But I was angrier since I was not only defrauded in love but also lost money.”

He then called the police, and in their presence, the woman was asked to take out her identity card to prove her age, which confirmed she was born in 1978. It’s not clear whether the police will take any action against the woman. But it serves as a cautionary tale to double-check that you truly know who you are marrying.

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