10 dead after school gym roof collapse in China’s Qiqihar City

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The roof of a school gymnasium in Qiqihar City, located in northeast China‘s Heilongjiang Province, collapsed yesterday, leading to the death of 10 people. One person remains unaccounted for and trapped in the rubble. The incident, which took place over the weekend, affected 19 people who were in the gym at the time. The rescue unit reported…

“Around 160 firefighters, along with 39 fire engines, were dispatched to the scene.”

Rescuers managed to drag 14 people from the wreckage. Out of those rescued, four showed no signs of life and six later passed away despite receiving immediate medical attention, reported Xinhua and CGTN.

The police initiated an immediate investigation into the cause of the collapse. It was reported that construction workers had illicitly used perlite, a form of volcanic glass, in the neighbouring building works. As the poundage of the perlite increased with the absorption of rainwater, the gymnasium roof succumbed to the pressure, causing the devastating collapse. The construction company responsible for this violation has been apprehended for further questioning and legal action.

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In a recent update, the provincial fire and rescue department revealed the gymnasium to be a part of the middling No.34 Middle School.

Two weeks ago, an under-construction section of Luang Paeng Road collapsed, tragically killing two people and injuring 17 more in the Latkrabang district of Bangkok.

The collapsed section of the road formed a part of the On Nut-Latkrabang Flyover, a structure spanning approximately 3.5 kilometres from On Nut-Latkrabang Road to Luang Paeng Road. The accident occurred in the evening at around 6pm on July 10, after construction work for the day had concluded. The collapse transpired when both the grinder and main pillars, positioned about 20 metres above the road, crumbled onto vehicles and pedestrians passing underneath.

Distressing footage of the incident captured by witnesses showcased the structure giving way, accompanied by screams as people nearby desperately tried to flee the area. To read more click HERE.

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