Chinese widow haunted by strange noises at night: Altercation with neighbour

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A Chinese widow reported hearing strange noises after moving to a new apartment following the loss of her husband. Every night between 1am to 2am, she heard sounds such as door knocking and that of a baby carriage. These sounds caused the woman to shiver in fear and unable to sleep.

Li’s husband fell ill and passed away following the 2022 Tet festival. After the funeral, her son suggested she move in with him but she declined fearing it might affect his family, especially his wife.

The sight of her husband’s belongings throughout their empty room made her feel hopeless, prompting her to move back to her old house that her family had abandoned years ago.

Upon returning to the old house, she found that the old verses she had hung on the walls were gone. Though slightly suspicious, she dismissed it, assuming it was the work of mischievous children in the neighbourhood. But one late night, she was awakened by the sound of knocking on her door.

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Her heart raced and her hands trembled slightly, but she still went to the door and looked outside. Seeing nothing unusual, she decided to go back to bed but couldn’t fall asleep.

The following night, she heard the same noise at the same time. Despite her fear, she approached the door closer than before. Even though she felt an icy chill run down her spine and her heart pounded with fear, she couldn’t help but think about the missing verses from her door.

Late husband

After living there for a few days, she hadn’t seen a single child and began to suspect that someone was deliberately tormenting her. Suddenly, the image of her late husband popped up in her mind, and she couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

Deciding to head downstairs for some fresh air, she happened to meet a neighbour who lived downstairs and shared the strange noises she had heard the night before. The noises her neighbour heard were identical to what Li had been hearing every night.

Merely thinking about this made her shudder in fear. But as a curiosities collector, she thought there must be something hidden that was not supernatural. Perhaps there was someone real tormenting her. Eventually, she decided to quietly install a security camera to record the front door of her house, reported Sanook News.

That night, the familiar sound rang out again, but this time she refrained from ignoring it or looking towards the door. She waited until dawn to check the camera and was shocked to discover the truth. The person making the noises was none other than the neighbour she had met the previous day.

However, when she confronted him about it, he denied it, leading to a huge argument. Eventually, the evidence was too overwhelming for the neighbour to deny his actions, but he still blamed it on the disturbances caused by Li’s house.

Hearing this excuse, Li was deeply hurt. She lived alone, had no relatives, and never made loud noises. Three other families were living on her floor, so why was her neighbour blaming her?

Reporting to police

Angered, she decided to report this to the police. Faced with the police, the downstairs neighbour confessed the truth. He had misophonia, a psychological disorder where even the slightest noise would keep a sufferer awake. When Li moved in, the neighbour planned to intimidate her into moving out.

After realising his mistake, the neighbour apologised to Li and promised not to do it again. Seeing his sincerity, Li decided to let go of everything that had happened and they became understanding and considerate neighbours.

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