Beijing woman sues ex-lover after spending 20 million baht


A love-struck woman’s infatuation with a charismatic taxi driver led to a legal showdown after the revelation of his secret double life. The Beijing resident spent over 20 million baht on gifts and cash for Wang throughout their relationship, only to discover his deception.

In March 2019, a successful clothing store owner in Beijing, Li, instantly fell for a taxi driver’s charm at first sight. The tall and handsome man had captured her heart, and their exchange of contact details soon blossomed into regular conversations. As their connection deepened, the decision to date seemed inevitable.

Throughout their years together, Wang often requested Li to purchase luxury brands and dine at exquisite locations, additionally, he frequently asked for cash handouts. With a thriving business, Li found it easy to indulge her boyfriend’s desires, spending over 4 million yuan (over 20 million baht) to please him.

Unbeknownst to Li, while she toiled away at her business, Wang was leading a double life, engaging in relationships with other women. When the shocking truth came to light, Li was left seething with anger.

She demanded the return of all the money and gifts she had generously lavished on him. She also revealed that Wang had repeatedly coerced money from her, even resorting to violence on occasion.

Despite these allegations, Wang asserted that he had no intention of returning any funds and defiantly claimed he was unable to do so. The impasse in negotiations prompted Li to take legal action against her former lover, hoping the court would deliver the justice she sought.

The case has since caused a stir and garnered significant public interest in China. As the court deliberates the evidence presented, many are watching closely to see whether Li will be able to reclaim what she believes is rightfully hers, reported Sanook.

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