Udderly unexpected: Buffalo blunders by swallowing gold necklace

Photo: Sanook.

An unsuspecting buffalo in Washim, Maharashtra, India, swallowed a gold necklace after its owner accidentally served it on a plate. The woman, a buffalo caretaker, removed her necklace to take a shower, inadvertently placing it on a plate laden with yellow beans and a copious amount of husks.

Upon completing her shower and laundry, she presented another plate of food to the buffalo and proceeded with her house chores. A few hours later, she remembered where she had placed her gold necklace and hurried to inspect the plate, only to find it empty. It was clear the buffalo had eaten the necklace along with its meal.

The gold necklace in question was a wedding gift from her husband, valued at approximately 150,000 Rupees (66,000 baht) in the market. Its sentimental value, however, was incalculable. With no other option left, she informed her husband about the incident, who promptly called a veterinarian.

Eventually, the veterinarian had to use a metal detector to locate and confirm the gold necklace’s presence inside the buffalo’s stomach. The next day, the unfortunate buffalo underwent a two-hour surgery, involving over 60 stitches, to extract the necklace and return it to its owner reported Sanook.

While some netizens could not help but laugh at the bizarre incident after the story was shared online, everyone expressed sympathy for the buffalo. It had no part in causing the incident, yet it had to endure severe punishment unexpectedly.

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