Belfast taxi driver sacked over firearm threats in dashcam video

A driver for Belfast-based taxi firm FonaCab has been dismissed following a video that surfaced on social media, showing him wielding what appears to be a firearm and threatening passengers. The Police Service of Northern Ireland has launched an investigation into the incident.

The video, seemingly recorded by a dashcam inside the taxi, shows the driver pointing the suspected weapon at a man in the front passenger seat and hitting him in the face with it. FonaCab informed BBC News NI that it became aware of the footage on May 31 at around 11pm BST. The company promptly identified the driver, who was then interviewed and had his employment terminated.

A spokesperson for FonaCab stated that the company had been in contact with the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) Northern Ireland and the police, and any further action would be determined by these authorities. The taxi firm completed its investigation and took action before the video was released on social media.

FonaCab emphasised that its drivers undergo the same training and vetting as all taxi drivers in Northern Ireland, and they are expected to uphold high standards. The company does not tolerate incidents where safety is compromised or its reputation is tarnished.

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Police have said they are “aware of a video circulating online showing a man with a suspected firearm and have launched an investigation”.

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