Ban lifted on longan fruit to China over mealybugs

PHOTO: The longan ban to China has been lifted for 56 facilities. (via

After a ban implemented on August 13, China has now agreed to let longan fruit exports back into their country. The ban from last week was the result of mealybugs being found to have contaminated longan shipments from Thailand.

The Commerce Ministry confirmed that the Chinese government has now allowed 56 specific sorting and packaging facilities to export to China based on their record of low infestations of mealybugs or other pests.

The infestation issue had been ongoing since March when the first 9 companies had been originally banned over similar issues. In total 75 longan processing and exporting facilities had received a ban from exporting into China.

The 19 remaining longan facilities will be allowed to start up their exporting processes again in the future as soon as they can prove to have screened out all pests in their exports by implementing more effective measures.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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