Internet idol Alice Wong criticised for starring in her first adult video

Alice Wong, half-Hong Kong, half-Malaysian Internet idol, has gained significant popularity for her sexy image and numerous followers. She is well-known for consistently sharing her sultry updates through various social media platforms. In a recent development that caused her fans’ hearts to race, Wong announced that she had released her first adult video, after deciding to take the plunge into the adult film industry at the age of 22.

According to a report by Nextapple, Wong’s debut film is 42 minutes long, and every scene is fully uncensored. The uncensored nature of the film excited her fans, heightening their anticipation for her work in the adult film industry.

However, following the release of Wong’s first adult video, she faced criticism and ridicule, both on social media and from those close to her. This intense backlash led Wong to speak out and defend her decision.

Alice Wong questioned why people were so surprised by her choice, considering many people watch adult videos.

She asked…

“What’s so strange about me acting in an adult video? Isn’t it my right to do whatever makes me happy? And I am really happy that I have my own small adult movie. It’s not a crime or anything. Adult film stars are human beings too, and everyone has sex. I don’t understand why people close to me would criticize me for doing something that makes me happy. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to watch it. What’s the point of the criticism?”

The young Internet idol’s journey into the adult film industry has undoubtedly garnered a lot of public interest, and her debut film has created much excitement among her fans. However, it is also clear that her decision has generated controversy and debate, with some applauding her for pursuing her passion and others questioning her motives.

Despite the scrutiny and criticisms she is facing, Alice Wong appears to be steadfast in her decision to venture into the world of adult films, asserting her right to do what makes her happy, and reminding her critics that adult film stars are human too. The conversation surrounding Wong’s decision serves as a reminder of the diverse opinions and societal pressures experienced by public figures, especially when making choices that might clash with societal norms and expectations.

In an era where social media has become a powerful platform for celebrities to connect with their fans and express themselves, Alice Wong’s story offers valuable insight into the potential pitfalls and rewards of such public exposure. It remains to be seen how Wong’s career in the adult film industry will unfold, and whether the controversy surrounding her debut will ultimately help or hinder her path.

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