12 year old boy killed by crocodile in Sabah, second attack in a month

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A 12 year old boy was fatally attacked by a crocodile in Sabah’s Sandakan district, located in eastern Malaysia’s Sabah state. The tragedy occurred on Sumangat Payau Island, and the victim’s body was found around 2 kilometres away from the last sighted location.

The incident took place on Tuesday, 23 May, at around 8am local time. Hamza Isnurdini, assistant operations director of Sabah Fire and Rescue Department, announced that his unit had received an emergency call at around 8.25am and immediately deployed a team. “An integrated operation with other enforcement officials was conducted to search for the boy,” he said.

The boy’s body was found at 10.38am, around 2km from where he was last seen, and retrieved by marine police. This tragedy follows an earlier attack in early May, when a 28 year old man was attacked by a crocodile in Sabah. His body was discovered in the Beluran district, missing limbs, on 11 May, two days after he was last seen washing his hands and legs by the riverbank.

The 12 year old victim had been searching for snails when the crocodile attacked, pulling him into the river.

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About a week ago, a businessman in southern Thailand revealed that he has been drinking crocodile blood mixed with alcohol twice a day. He claims that the reptile juice has been the secret to his great health, nourishing his body, blood and nervous system.

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