Three foreign overstayers arrested

3 foreigners have been arrested on Bangla Road, Patong, including 33 year old Khurram Rasheed from Pakistan, 23 year old Riasat Ali from Pakistan, and 21 year old Ratnakar Reddy Singireddy from India.

The police made a patrol in the area yesterday evening (September 30) following the current crackdown on illegal immigrants. Police noticed the three men looking suspicious so asked to check for their passports, which they didn’t have on them at the time. Police took them to the Phuket Immigration Office.

The police found that Khurram had been overstaying for 1,302 days, Riasat 1,115 days and Ratnakar 278 days overstay.

They have been now been sent to Patong police station for further questioning.

“After two months of checking up and cleaning up on the overstays and illegal entry immigrants, there were 13 overstays and 2 illegal entries since August while in September, there were 18 overstays with 40 illegal entires. Mainly, we found that they are from Vietnam, India and Nigeria. After the charges, they had to be deported back to their countries. The probe on foreigners who break the law continues,” said Pol Lt Col Tienchai Chompoo, Inspector of Phuket Immigration.

Three foreign overstayers arrested | News by Thaiger

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