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Muslim leader rules measles vaccine ‘not prohibited’ by Islam

The Chularajamontri in Yala, Thailand’s Islamic spiritual leader, has made an unofficial ruling that Muslims can receive measles vaccine.

Ahmad Abdull Hazima, the Islamic leader in Yala, said the Chularajamontri and 39 provincial Islamic committees have made unofficial rulings that vaccines are not prohibited by Islam.

The rulings were sought after an ongoing outbreak of measles in four southern border provinces have seen thousands overcome by the illness and 18 people have already died. In Yala alone, 14 people have died from the disease.

Ahmad said the Islamic leaders said that, although vaccines have not been formally approved as being “haral” or allowed by the religion, they were not formally prohibited either.

The Islamic leaders considered that vaccines were necessary to keep Muslims healthy so that they could continue practising their religious activities. As a result, the spiritual leaders saw that the use of vaccines would not violate Islam.

Hundreds of Muslim mothers have avoided the scheduled vaccinations for their children and subjected them to measles. The 18 people that have died are all infants born to Muslim families. Many families have either been told, or interpreted the word ‘halal’, to meaning that they can’t have vaccines.


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