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Man marries Thai ladyboy without ‘checking gender’

The Thaiger



Man marries Thai ladyboy without ‘checking gender’ | The Thaiger


A Danish man has married a Thai ladyboy without doing a full ‘due diligence’ on the gender of his future spouse. But things seems to have worked out anyway.

Thai Rath has reported on a marriage ceremony in Thailand’s south last Saturday where the groom was a man from Denmark and the bride was a man from Trang.

The couple married legally in Denmark two months ago and confirmed their vows in a ceremony in front of the relatives followed by a big party at a local hotel.

54 year old John Standskov, a Danish civil servant, had been married twice before, to women, but the relationships had failed, according to the Thai Rath report.

Meanwhile, 49 year old Yingyong “Anne” Nokkaew, who has lived in Denmark for thirty years, divorced five years ago.

The couple met, dated and fell in love whilst living in Denmark – a country Thai Rath describes as “the land of cow’s milk”.

Anne claims that John had never asked if he was a man or a woman. John said that Anne is a lovely woman. The couple have known each other now for four years and say that the marriage is “for keeps as it is true love”.

Congratulations to the happy couple.

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Southern militants escape after gunfight in Narathiwat

The Thaiger & The Nation



Southern militants escape after gunfight in Narathiwat | The Thaiger

by Santhiti Khorjitmet

Fighting between soldiers and eight armed militants has erupted on a remote mountain range in the southern province of Narathiwat in the Taway mountains.

According to reports, both sides fired more than 100 rounds of ammunition during the confrontation near a suspected insurgents’ base in the Rangae district. Though two suspects were believed to have been injured, all eight managed to escape as they were familiar with the local landscape, according to soldiers.

No soldier was injured in the incident.

Colonel Issara Jantakayom from the 45th Ranger Regiment was leading a 20-strong team to patrol the area as part of measures to step up security in the run-up to |New Year festivities, when his team came across armed men on the Taway mountain range.

The gunmen began firing at the soldiers, prompting Issara’s team to fire back. After 10 minutes of gunfire exchange, the suspected insurgents disappeared from sight. Investigators arrived at the scene later to gather evidence.

There were 10 tents in the area, erected a few metres apart, and more than 100 spent casings of war weapons and pools of blood. The authorities have launched a manhunt for the suspects in the mountain range.

A military source said the suspected gunmen might be working under Abdulloh Bula, who is wanted for eight security-related crimes.

Abdulloh’s hometown is near the spot where on Wednesday’s clash occurred. Unrest has been raging in Thailand’s deep South for more than a decade and thousands of lives have been lost during the period.

Southern militants escape after gunfight in Narathiwat | News by The Thaiger

STORY: The Nation

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33 cats mauled to death at Hat Yai temple

The Thaiger & The Nation



33 cats mauled to death at Hat Yai temple | The Thaiger

“The animals were apparently tranquillised and so were helpless when attacked by the dogs.”

Police in Hat Yai have been hunting for the driver of a pick-up truck seen dropping off 36 cats at a temple yesterday before 33 of them were mauled to death by stray dogs.

A villager filed a complaint with police after finding the 33 cat carcasses the previous morning. The villager was accompanied by Suchart Maneechote, head of Ban Thung Ngai village in tambon Thung Yai of Songkhla’s Hat Yai district.

Suchart said local villagers found it unacceptable for the pickup driver to leave the cats to die at the temple.

Local villager 49 year old Chai Panchalerm says she saw many dead cats inside the temple at 7am and only three cats still alive.

Footage from the village security unit in front of the temple showed a Nissan pickup being driven into the temple at 2am and leaving 15 minutes later.

Suchart said the cats were mauled by about 30 stray dogs left at the temple and cared for by the monks out of mercy. Suchart said he would consult with the temple about building cages for the stray dogs, which he described as being rather fierce.

Thana Toram, an official of the Demo Cats organisation that helps stray cats in Hat Yai, said the animals were apparently tranquillised and so were helpless when attacked by the dogs. Cats are normally able to escape from dog attacks, she said.

Thana suspects that the cats were strays from a particular market and were drugged and put into cardboard boxes to be dumped at the temple.

33 cats mauled to death at Hat Yai temple | News by The Thaiger


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Pregnant dugong killed by boat propellor

The Thaiger & The Nation



Pregnant dugong killed by boat propellor | The Thaiger

by Khanitta Sitong

A heavily-pregnant dugong, found off Koh Libong in Trang a week ago, has had an autopsy to investigate the cause of death. It was the fifth dugong in the area killed by speedboats this year.

The findings indicate that this dugong too came into contact with a local boat propellor.

The dugong’s decomposing carcass was found on November 26 in the sea off Koh Libong. The injuries indicate it died after being run over by a speedboat whilst feeding on sea-grass.

The crash impact caused the 2.6 metre long, 250 kilogram Dugong’s spine to dislodge, break its right-side ribs and caused bleeding into its lung, resulting in instant death, along with the 9.5 kilogram foetus, according to a source at the Phuket Marine Biological Centre familiar with the autopsy results.

This was the fifth death of a dugong in the Trang area this year. Koh Libong wildlife sanctuary head Chaipreuk Weerawong and Hat Chao Mai National Park head Narong Khong-ied are calling a meeting of related officials, community leaders and villagers, along with boat operators to find a solution to avoid more deaths of the endangered species.

The meeting will discuss solutions, including asking for cooperation from speedboat captains from travelling through the seagrass areas in order to protect the rare marine mammal.


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