UPDATE: Phuket hospital director speaks at press conference on baby’s broken arm

Vachira Phuket conference, photo by The Phuket Express.


The director of Vachira Phuket Hospital, where a newborn baby mysteriously suffered a broken arm, has spoken at a press conference on the incident yesterday. The director, Dr. Weerasak Lorthongkam, said the baby was in a normal state after she was born (on May 23). He said that on June 5, she was able to move her arms and legs. But Dr. Weerasak said something changed after the baby was wrapped in cloth later that night.

“The baby was covered with one cloth wrapping, which wrapped her arms, body, and legs. In the morning on June 7, staffers found that the baby did not move her left arm. No bruises or wounds were found on her arm. She was X-rayed before she was found to have suffered a broken left arm. At this stage we believe the baby had broken her arm after she was covered on June 5.”

Dr. Weerasak says, however, that an investigation is continuing. He says the incident was not captured on CCTV because CCTV cameras at the hospital don’t record at all times. Dr. Weerasak led the press conference along with the baby’s parents. The story has circulated throughout Thai media.


A new mother in Phuket is dealing with a horrifying situation after a nurse informed her that her baby had a broken arm. The baby has had to stay in the hospital since she was born on May 23, and a doctor said she choked on amniotic fluid and needed a lung X-ray.

The mother, 30 year old Aujchara Jantararat, said that after she was released from the hospital, she was allowed to visit her baby once a week. She said that when she visited her baby on May 31, the baby was healthy, but doctors said she still had to be treated in the hospital. A week later, Aujchara received some shocking news. Aujchara told The Phuket Express…

“Yesterday, (June 6), I visited my baby again, and a nurse informed me that my baby had a broken arm. I was shocked. I tried to ask them how did it happen. They told me they needed to conclude the cause of the injury before they could give any details.”

Aujchara filed a report at Phuket City Police Station yesterday (June 7), demanding answers about her baby’s injury and what the hospital will do next. As an investigation is pending, the name of the hospital, and the doctor, have been withheld. Aujchara says she gave birth at a major hospital in Phuket Town.

SOURCE: The Phuket Express | The Phuket Express

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