Tourists evicted from Phuket resort due to property dispute

A sunny vacation turned sour for several tourists who were holidaying at a resort in Kamala, Phuket when they unexpectedly found themselves embroiled in a property dispute that led to them having to seek alternative accommodation. The hotel operator was evicted from the property, leaving approximately 20 rooms of guests stranded and forced to fend for themselves.

The eviction process was set into motion last week when the Kamala Police served an eviction notice and a notice against trespassing on December 8. Representatives from the Phuket Tourist Police were also present to explain the unfolding situation to the bewildered tourists. A sign in Thai, English, and Russian, warning against unauthorised entry now hangs across the resort’s front entrance.

The property owner, Alongkot Kingkaew, currently residing in Chalong, in tandem with the police, posted copies of the court order authorising the eviction and documents evidencing ownership of the land, Kingkaew revealed that his land had been leased out to Kamphon Turakij Co Ltd since 2004 as an empty lot.

The Kamala Beach Inn Hotel, which has since been renamed Kamala Resort, was initially erected on this leased land. According to a notice posted at the hotel, the original rent was set at 250,000 baht a year, with incremental increases every five years. However, for the past eight years, Kamphon Turakij Co Ltd has allegedly refused to honour the rental agreement.

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The Phuket Provincial Court issued a court order for the property to be vacated back in 2019. This order, along with subsequent attempts to have the property vacated, was ignored. A final verdict in favour of Kingkaew was reached by the Supreme Court on June 5, 2020, but the property continued to be illegally occupied.

Kingkaew further explained that the hotel, which boasts 120 rooms, had continued its operations over the years, albeit irregularly. The hotel is closed like it’s deserted but people are coming in and out. There is a security guard in charge but it’s not open all year, he remarked.

Eviction notice

The Phuket Tourist Police confirmed that several tourists promptly vacated the premises when the eviction notice was served. Those who were unable to find alternative accommodation immediately were permitted to stay until they could secure other lodging options.

Kingkaew expressed his concern over the impact of this situation on the tourism sector and the image of Phuket Province. He assured that guests who had made their bookings through an agent could continue their stay. He admitted it was not okay but they accepted it to try to help them, reported Phuket News.

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