Phuket venues inspected for age and narcotics compliance, one found in violation

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Ten entertainment venues in Mueang District, Phuket, yesterday were raided by police after a tip-off. Although underage drinkers and illegal narcotics went unnoticed, one establishment was found to be operating beyond its legal trading hours.

The raids were conducted under the supervision of Mueang District Chief Phairot Srilamul. The team consisted of officers from Phuket City Police Station, Chalong Police, and Wichit Police, along with administrative and health officers, as well as members of the Volunteer Defense Corps (OrSor).

Phairot conveyed that these inspections were in pursuance of the Ministry of Interior’s and the Phuket Governor’s policies, emphasising the legal compliance by entertainment venue operators.

Among the checks, officers carried out were screenings for firearms and verification of customers’ identity cards at the venues to ensure they met the legal age criteria, according to Phairot.

He followed up by stating that no minors were found at any of the venues. Furthermore, no signs of drug use were detected through random urine tests conducted on the employees, reported The Phuket News.

Highlighting further action, Phairot revealed that the one venue caught trading beyond its permissible hours was charged accordingly.

He also mentioned a warning issued to all venue operators against causing excessive noise, and a reminder to comply with legally defined opening and closing times.

The raids were part of a series that began in Thalang District the previous Thursday night. The Somerset Bar and Lounge, located in Moo 4, Srisoonthorn, was discovered to be running without the correct licence and found “selling liquor without permission / not displaying the licence in public,” as reported by the Phuket Info Centre.

The info centre added that the bar’s owner admitted to the charges and was subsequently transported to the Thalang Police Station, where legal charges were filed accordingly.

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