Phuket seminar highlights fight against gender-based violence

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The city of Phuket recently played host to a seminar aimed at combatting violence against women, children, and the LGBTQ+ community. Organised by the Phuket Provincial Prosecutor’s Office and the local branch of the Baan Sri Chumphaban Foundation, the event saw over 100 people gather to engage in meaningful discussions on the topic.

The seminar, titled Equality between genders to end violence against women, children, and LGBTQ+ was a platform for experts from various fields to share their knowledge and expertise. Representatives from the Phuket Provincial Social Development and Human Security Office, Vajira Phuket Hospital (OSCC Center), and the Phuket Provincial Juvenile and Family Court Associate Judge were among the distinguished speakers. The Cook Event Company Limited also contributed to the event.

Piyawat Phonchaiya, Director-General of the Labour Case Office Region 8, officially inaugurated the seminar. Held at a conference room in the Phuket Attorney General’s Office, the event was also attended by Phuket Attorney General Itthichot Kulrattanachot, members of the Network for the Protection and Protection of Women and Children, and representatives from the Phuket Family Institute.

Piyawat expressed his appreciation for the efforts behind the event, emphasizing the importance of support, assistance, prevention, and protection in the fight against violence. He stated that such initiatives play a crucial role in alerting the public to the signs of violent behaviour towards the targeted groups.

The Director-General also praised the seminar for its role in promoting gender equality. He highlighted the importance of creating equal opportunities and eliminating sexism and violence for a healthier and more sustainable society. He stressed the necessity of removing all forms of gender-based discrimination, which he described as a violation of human rights, legal principles, and general moral principles.

Vigilant society

Echoing the director-general, Attorney General Itthichot commended the work done by all the associated groups. He urged society to be vigilant and proactive in protecting women, children, and the LGBTQ+ community from violence. He also emphasized the need to eradicate violent behaviour and exploitation that leads to heinous acts like human trafficking, reported Phuket News.

Itthichot added that public support networks play a vital role in monitoring, preventing, and solving family problems at the local level. These networks, usually comprising government officials, representatives from various sectors, and community leaders, also help prevent domestic violence against women and children.

The event concluded on a hopeful note, coinciding with the Cabinet’s endorsement of a bill to amend the Civil and Commercial Code. The proposed amendment promises same-sex couples equal legal rights in marriage and seeks to replace gender-specific terms in the civil code with gender-neutral ones.

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