Phuket landlord denies sexual assaulting his female tenant

Photo by The Phuket Express.

A Phuket landlord is denying accusations that he sexually assaulted one of his female tenants in a dormitory. The woman, 26 year old Kwanruethai, told police that her landlord, 50 year old Sasin, got into her room at night with a spare key, and started touching her hips and private parts while she was sleeping.

Kwanruethai said she woke up and saw Sasin there, shirtless. She shouted at him to get out, and Sasin fled the scene. Kwanruethai filed a report to Phuket City Police earlier this week. Sasin has now presented himself to the police after being summoned, but police say he is denying all charges. Phuket City Police Chief Colonel Sarawut Chooprasit told The Phuket Express…

“He declined, however, to comment any further than denying all charges. He is insisting to talk in court only. He is not in custody as by law he has presented himself following the summons.”

Kwanruethai said that she had always felt safe in her dormitory, and had always respected Sasin. She said the two of them always bowed to each other. Kwanruethai said the police had tried to negotiate with her and had asked her to drop the charges. But Kwanruethai is refusing to, and she wants Sasin to be prosecuted.

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Kwanruethai has now moved out of the dormitory. She wants others living there to be careful, and know that Sasin, the building owner, is dangerous.

SOURCE: The Phuket Express | The Phuket Express | Khaosod

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