Phuket Airport runway disruption due to faulty aircraft

Picture courtesy of AoT Phuket

Phuket International Airport experienced significant disruptions to inbound and outbound flights yesterday due to a faulty aircraft that remained immobile on the runway. The aircraft‘s hydraulic steering system malfunctioned, preventing it from being moved off the runway without the aid of a pushback tractor.

Phuket Air Control Tower promptly communicated the issue to the ground crew at 10.32am. The incident led to the declaration of an Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG) situation, which demands immediate maintenance attention. The malfunction resulted in hydraulic oil spilling onto the runway, creating a safety risk for incoming and outgoing flights.

Phuket Airport swiftly issued a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM), alerting pilots to the temporary closure of Runway 09/27 for cleanup operations. In addition, authorities carried out assessments of the runway’s surface friction to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Normal operations on the runway resumed at 11.37am, slightly over an hour after the initial incident. According to a notice from Phuket Airport, the situation affected a total of 15 flights. Five inbound flights were redirected to other airports, while another five were unable to land. Also, five outbound flights experienced delays due to the runway closure, reported The Phuket News.

Investigations into the aircraft’s malfunction are ongoing. Meanwhile, authorities are taking necessary steps to prevent similar incidents in the future to maintain the safety and efficiency of operations at Phuket Airport.

In related news, a Russian tourist plane bound for Moscow faced a terrifying moment when its engine caught fire before takeoff at Phuket International Airport. The 309 passengers and 12 crew on board the 26 year old Boeing 767-306ER, operated by Azur Air, were forced to evacuate the aircraft.

Footage from the scene shows flames bursting from the right engine of the Russian plane before takeoff was stopped. Passengers reported hearing a loud bang and said the plane was close to taking off at 120 miles per hour when the problem arose.

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