Patong police officer reportedly refused to help Canadian tourist violently mugged

William Saint Louis, photo by 77 Kaodad.

A Patong police officer reportedly refused to help a Canadian tourist who was violently mugged.

The victim, 28 year old William Lamarche Saint Louis, said five men violently mugged him near Patong Beach on Friday. Saint Louis told Patong Police he had been drinking at a bar before going for a walk at night. He said five men approached him and threatened him for his 50,000 baht watch.

Fearing for his safety, Saint Louis handed over the watch, but the suspects then demanded his bag which contained 5,000 baht in cash. When Saint Louis refused to hand over his bag, the group attacked him before fleeing the scene. The attackers broke William’s nose.

Saint Louis walked to find police when he saw a police officer on patrol. When he told the officer about the incident, the officer asked if he had any more money. The officer refused to take him to the police station because he didn’t have any money left, The Phuket Express reported. William then walked back to Patong Beach where someone directed him to report the incident directly to the Phuket Tourist Police.

Saint Louis went to a nearby clinic to treat his injuries, however, the clinic informed him that he needed to see a specialist for his broken nose. Tourist police said Saint Louis made an appointment to see a doctor on Sunday, The Phuket News reported.

Meanwhile, the mother of the suspects claims that a fight broke out between Saint Louis and the attackers because Saint Louis and the attackers because he refused to pay for his food and drinks at the venue, according to Thai news outlet One 31. The mother claims that the suspects did not rob Saint Louis.

The Phuket Tourist Police are now investigating the alleged attack and robbery.

This is a developing story, and The Thaiger will continue to provide updates.

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