Motorcyclist injured in accident near notorious Phuket black spot

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A motorcyclist is recovering at Thalang Hospital after a crash with a pickup truck outside Tha Ruea Shrine, Phuket earlier today. The woman, 28 year old Soolfa Taemtophol from Kamala, sustained a facial cut and several abrasions on her body. Following initial reports, care providers and local law enforcement responded just before 11am, finding the motorcyclist injured on Thepkrasattri Road in Srisoonthorn, south of Heroines Monument.

According to those who witnessed the incident, Soolfa was riding her red Honda Wave motorcycle toward Koh Kaew when it collided with a bronze Mazda BT 50 pickup truck. Details surrounding the accident and the identity of the truck’s driver have yet to be ascertained by the investigative authorities.

Images from the scene show two foreigners attending to the injured woman on a stretcher, but their connection to the event remains unestablished, reported the Pkuket news.

Tha Ruea Shrine and Wat Tha Ruea’s sharp curve on Thepkrasattri Road have garnered a reputation as one of Phuket’s “black spots”–high-risk areas where accidents frequently occur. As a daily route for numerous motorists, this section of the thoroughfare remains a concern for the Phuket office of the Highway Department. However, no solution to increase safety on this stretch has been proposed at this time.

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The prevention of accidents and road safety is crucial on busy roads such as Thepkrasattri Road, where hundreds of motorists commute to and from different locations daily. By addressing “black spots” like the one in question, the Highway Department can mitigate risks for citizens and visitors alike, drastically reducing the chance of tragic accidents occurring in the future.

A week ago, a sudden U-turn on a narrow road led to a motorcycle collision, resulting in two injured women in Chon Buri, Thailand. The incident raised safety concerns as the accident-prone location is not suitable for vehicles to reverse, urging drivers to exercise caution in such areas. To read more click HERE

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