Man dies after receiving Sinovac vaccine in Phuket

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A man died the day after he received his first dose of the Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine. Health officials say the cause of death was a heart attack and the man had “fatal medical conditions”. But the man’s wife claims the death was due to the vaccine.

43 year old Winai Hemin from Phang Nga, just a north of Phuket, was injected with the Covid-19 vaccine on Sunday at the Phuket airport. His wife, 32 year old Poranee Ngamsap, says he got a mild fever which got worse that night. He also complained of chest pains. The next day, he died at the Phang Nga Hospital.

While doctors say the death was caused by a heart attack and the man had “fatal medical conditions,” without detailing specifics, Poranee says her husband died from the vaccine. She says he had underlying conditions of high cholesterol.

“We are confident that the cause of death is definitely due to the Covid-19 vaccination.”

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Doctors have asked Winai’s family for permission to perform an autopsy on the body to investigate the cause of death, but the family does not want an autopsy done as they would like to keep to Muslim funeral rites and bury the body as quickly as possible.

While an autopsy is not underway, a sample of the man’s DNA was taken and is now being examined by the Department of Disease Control.

The Phang Nga Provincial Public Health Office Deputy Chief denied that health officials are attempting to sweep the man’s death under the rug. He reassured the public that health officials are working to determine the cause of death.

“In addition, we will investigate the vaccines administered to the deceased and those with side effects, and further detailed studies will be conducted with the relevant departments at the district level, and the ministry will send this information to the Central Vaccine Committee to continue their investigation”.

“For people who have registered to receive the vaccine, do not be afraid. If you have a medical condition or suffer anxiety, please consult a doctor or health worker at a public health facility near you”.

As of yesterday, the man’s death was not known to health officials who are associated with vaccination rollout at the Phuket airport. It has been reported in Thai media that after the man’s death was reported, registration for vaccinations in Phuket has dropped by half.

SOURCE: The Phuket News

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