Stranded melon-headed whale rescued on Phuket Beach (video)

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Patong Beach in Phuket yesterday was the scene of a thrilling rescue operation as lifeguards hastened to save a melon-headed whale, a protected marine species in Thailand, that had been cast ashore. The event drew the attention of numerous tourists, who flocked around the site, cheering on the lifeguards during their daring rescue mission.

The marine mammal, also known less frequently as the electra dolphin, little killer whale, or many-toothed blackfish, is a member of the oceanic dolphin family characterised by its unique head shape. Measuring no more than 2 metres in length, the small whale was safely carried up the beach using an expansive beach towel.

The lifeguards then used a jet-ski to transport the marine creature to the deeper waters of Patong Bay, where they are now maintaining a vigil in case it makes a return.

It’s worth noting that the melon-headed whale is seldom seen in Phuket, with the last reported sighting in local waters dating back to June 10, 2021. These marine mammals are more commonly spotted in Chon Buri and Songkhla provinces, where reports of them stranding on beaches are occasionally made, reported The Phuket News.

In Thailand, this species is protected, and it’s quite a spectacle when one appears in the waters or on the beaches of Phuket. The occurrence surely made for an unforgettable day for the tourists at Patong Beach, who were treated to a display of swift action and dedication from the lifeguards.

In related news, a rare albino Omura whale, previously sighted off the shores of Phuket, has once again graced the Andaman seas near Phang Nga province, stunning onlookers and marine experts alike.

Banchar Sae-jo, manager of the New Tapana tourist boat, caused a stir online when he shared a mesmerising video clip of the ivory Omura whale on his Facebook page on February 10.


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