Growing drug problem grips Phuket as arrests increase by 6.21%

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Phuket, an island mainly known for its tourism, is grappling with an escalating drug problem, according to the Phuket Provincial Narcotics Prevention and Suppression Centre committee. The drug issue has seen a 6.21% increase between October last year and March this year, with 1,335 arrests made in 78 drug-related cases, excluding kratom and marijuana.

The report, presented during a recent meeting at the Phuket Provincial Hall, was attended by representatives from various anti-drug enforcement agencies, including Captain Pongsakorn Itsombat of the Royal Thai Navy, who represented the Phuket branch of the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC), the political wing of the Thai military.

Officers confirmed that there was a 50.89% rise in drug-related arrests from February to March alone, with 255 arrests made in 86 drug cases. Most of these cases involved the use of amphetamines and crystal methamphetamine, commonly known as ya ice.

“The drug situation in Phuket continues to spread,” the official report stated. The drugs most commonly used illegally were found to be amphetamine, also known as Yaba, followed by ya ice, heroin, and cocaine.

Drug usage was most prevalent in the Mueang Phuket District, followed by the Thalang District and the Kathu District. The report also noted that most of those arrested were general contractors and construction workers, reported The Phuket News.

The data presented was verified as accurate as of April 30. The committee confirmed that while efforts to crackdown on illegal drug use would continue, they were also exploring other policies to help alleviate the issue. These include the treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts on the island.

In related news, a recent police sting operation in Phuket, Thailand, resulted in the arrest of a 26 year old woman, originally from Ao Luek in Krabi. The woman, Wichuda “Su” Aollueknoi, was apprehended in her rented room on Soi Patchanee-Bangchee Liao in Ratsada, with law enforcement officers seizing a haul of 700 methamphetamine pills.

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