Heartbreaking tragedy: 9 year old girl takes her own life in Phuket

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A tragic incident occurred yesterday in Pa Khlok, Phuket, when a nine-year-old girl reportedly committed suicide by hanging after being denied permission to join her sister on a trip to a local waterfall. The child’s body was discovered at her family home by her grandfather.

Upon finding the girl’s body hanging from a clothesline tied between a coconut tree and a house pillar, her grandfather immediately sought to cut the nylon rope with scissors. However, by the time he managed to do so, the girl was already motionless. Unable to help the girl by himself due to his disability, the grandfather called for assistance from neighbours, who moved the girl’s body inside the house and contacted emergency services and the girl’s parents, reported Phuket News.

The girl’s grandfather informed the police that she had been extremely upset about not being allowed to accompany her older sister to the waterfall, which is believed to have led to her tragic decision.

Thalang Police Chief Col. Pisit Chuenphet and his fellow officers, along with a forensic doctor from Vachira Phuket Hospital, officers from the Pa Klok Municipal Rescue Unit, an EMS unit from Thalang Hospital, and rescue workers from the Kusoldharm Foundation, all arrived at the scene to investigate the incident.

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The police continue to look into the circumstances surrounding the young girl’s death. Her body has been taken for a post-mortem examination, which is a standard requirement before it can be released to her family for the funeral proceedings.

In related news, a married woman’s plan to make her jealous husband a better person backfired and ended in tragedy when he committed suicide. The man killed himself in Chon Buri Forest after learning that his wife talked with a Korean man on the phone. The wife later revealed that she just pretended to talk with another man to make her husband a better person for her.

If you or anyone you know is in emotional distress, please contact the Samaritans of Thailand 24-hour hotline: 02 713 6791 (English), 02 713 6793 (Thai), or the Thai Mental Health Hotline at 1323 (Thai). Please also contact your friends or relatives at this time if you have feelings of loneliness, stress, or depression. Seek help.

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