Drunk driver strikes police officer in early morning Patong collision

Image courtesy of Patong Police

A drunk driver in Patong, Phuket, collided with a police officer on patrol early this morning. The incident occurred near Patong Hospital at the intersection of Phra Mettha Road and Sai Nam Yen Road. Patong Police Station officers were informed of the incident around 4.30am, today, April 23.

The drunk driver was identified as 21 year old Amornlak Bunsiri from Satun, who sustained minor injuries from the collision.

The police officer, a Phuket native Police sergeant Major Teerayut Samran, suffered a minor injury to his right ankle.

Rescue workers from the Kusoldharm Foundation provided first aid to Pol. Sgt. Maj. Teerayut before assisting him into the hospital.

Amornlak had been operating her Honda Wave 125 motorcycle northbound along Phra Mettha Road when she ran a red light to turn onto Sai Nam Yen Road.

At the same time, Pol. Sgt. Maj. Teerayut was leaving Patong Police Station on his Yamaha NMAX police motorbike to start his patrol, leading to the collision.

Amornlak was taken to Patong Police Station, where an alcohol test returned a positive result with a reading of 114mg per decilitre (a BAC of 0.114). She has since been charged with drunk driving causing injury to others.

In a separate incident earlier, a French national, 21 year old Mehdi Ghandi, was arrested for drunk driving on Phra Mettha Road.

He was stopped and tested for alcohol between 12.30am and 2.30am, yielding a positive result with a reading of 63 milligrammes per decilitre (a BAC of 0.063). Ghandi has also been charged with driving while intoxicated.

These incidents serve to highlight the persistent issue of drink driving in the region, with authorities continuing their efforts to address and mitigate the problem to the best of their abilities.

Local law enforcement agencies are urging drivers to adhere to traffic rules and avoid driving under the influence to ensure safety on the roads.

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