Cops charge Canadian who claimed he was mugged in Patong

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Cops have charged the Canadian tourist who last month claimed he was violently mugged in Patong. Patong Police say the tourist, 28 year old William Lamarche-Saint-Louis, was not robbed as he said he was, and he started the fight.

Police said that after a full investigation, it was found that the incident began when Saint-Louis sat on a beach bed without paying. The vendor asked him to either pay for the bed or order a drink before sitting down. Saint-Louis then started an argument and a physical fight with four Thai men, police said.

Saint-Louis and the Thai men involved in the fight now face charges for fighting in public and causing bodily harm. Patong Police said the Thai men were also being charged for fighting and not immediately reporting the incident, regardless of who started it, The Phuket Express reported.

Saint-Louis’ behaviour has been reported to the Phuket Immigration Office, and he has been fined 4,000 baht.

William has not publicly commented on the Thai police’s statement that his initial testimony was incorrect, and no further statements to the press have been released.


Conflicting reports are emerging on the Canadian man who was allegedly mugged in Patong on Friday night.

Earlier, Phuket Tourist Police said that the man, 28 year old William Lamarche Saint Louis, told them that five men violently mugged him near Patong Beach. Saint Louis said he had been drinking at a bar before going for a walk at night. He said five men approached him and threatened him for his 50,000 baht watch. Saint Louis said the attackers demanded his bag which contained 5,000 baht in cash and broke his nose when he refused to hand the bag over.

But the bar’s owner has now come forward with a different version of events. The owner, Tuenjai, and three of her staff members met with the police to tell their side of the story.

Tuenjai told Patong Police that Saint Louis had refused to pay his bill after eating and drinking at her restaurant. She said Saint Louis was heavily intoxicated and shoved her staff. Tuenjai said that Saint Louis challenged staffers to fight him, The Phuket Express reported.

Tuenjai went on to say that other staffers tried to stop the fight. She claimed that all five of the staff involved in the fight were teenagers, and not grown men. She said that none had taken Saint Louis’s watch or money.

Saint Louis has now reportedly left Phuket, and gone to Koh Phi Phi in Krabi province. Police are attempting to contact him. Police say they will not jump to conclusions and will review CCTV and listen to both sides as part of their investigation.

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