Conflict at Patong massage shop leads to car ramming and injuries (video)

Screen grab from video footage of the car ramming.

A conflict at a Patong massage shop led to a car ramming and injuries on Monday night, The Phuket News reported. The incident happened at around 8pm.

The driver, Panudet, had a dispute with the co-owner of a luxury massage shop, Chatchanan “Patty” Charoenjai. Panudet previously reported to police that Chatchanan had slapped him across the face. The reason for the dispute that led to the slapping was not explained.

On Monday at 6pm, Panudet got a call from a staffer at the shop, Thanapong “Toey” Hongsanit. Police apparently wanted the two parties to “meet with investigators” to resolve the conflict. Officers had tried but failed to contact Chatchanan until Thanapong called to tell Panudet that Chatchanan had rushed back from another province to settle the conflict.

Panudet drove to the massage shop to call Chatchanan to come to the police station. Chatchanan refused, saying he would wait for the police summons.

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Panudet then returned to Patong Police Station to retrieve his red Mazda 2. Then, he drove his car back to the massage shop.

When Panudet returned to the massage shop, he saw Chatchanan with six other men, who were allegedly yelling at him. The group reportedly approached the car, making Panudet scared for his safety.

Panudet claimed that he panicked, and accidentally had the car in the “wrong gear” when tried to drive off, and instead rammed into motorbikes parked in front of the massage shop.

Video footage shows the incident.

Police said they were waiting for medical reports to confirm the injuries sustained. Officers said that the police cannot press charges without a written document confirming that someone was injured.

Police insisted that they “Will expedite and follow up on the results of the physical examination and follow up the accused to be prosecuted according to the law.”

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