Chalong police bust major drug operation in Rawai, Phuket

Picture courtesy of Chalong Police

A swift operation by Chalong police in the sea gypsy village of Rawai, Phuket, led to the apprehension of three individuals and the confiscation of a significant quantity of drugs. The stash included over 1,700 methamphetamine tablets, colloquially known as Yaba, and more than 600 grams of crystal meth, or ya ice.

The central figure in this Tuesday night raid was a 51 year old woman, known locally as Aunt Yee. Her real name, as per the police records, is Suri, although her surname has been withheld for privacy reasons.

The police discovered a cache of drugs at her residence, comprising 1,756 Yaba pills and 616.76 grams of ya ice. The narcotics were meticulously sorted into small plastic bags, indicating they were ready for distribution.

Suri now faces serious charges for selling a Category 1 narcotic. The severity of the crime is compounded by the large quantity of drugs involved.

The police operation didn’t stop at Suri’s arrest. A 42 year old man, referred to as Somchai, was also apprehended. He was found in possession of 20 Yaba pills. Consequently, he was charged with the illegal possession of a Category 1 narcotic and illegal online gambling.

The third individual netted in this drug bust was a young man, Niwat. The 26 year old was found with two ya bah pills and was subsequently charged with illegal possession and consumption of a Category 1 drug, which is a clear violation of the law, reported The Phuket News.

Chalong Police issued a stern warning to those involved in the drug trade in the area. They made it very clear that they would not discriminate between large-scale dealers, small-time peddlers, or consumers.

They vow to investigate and prosecute every case until the end, sending a clear message to the community that they are serious about tackling the drug problem.

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