After drownings, Phuket governor calls to step up safety

Governor Narong inspects Kata Beach, photo by PR Phuket.

In the aftermath of a drowning incident this week, Phuket’s Governor Narong is pushing to increase safety measures. Narong visited Patong Beach for an inspection yesterday (Friday), saying he wished to support the lifeguards working there. Red flags have been posted at the beach, and lifeguards are stationed to closely monitor tourists’ safety, according to the National News Bureau of Thailand.

Narong said that all relevant officials and sectors have been ordered to care for tourists as best they can. He said the inspection found that lifeguards are ready to cooperate. He said this will make tourists feel confident about visiting beaches. Narong added that there is also an emphasis on vice governors, district chiefs, local officials, and police closely monitoring tourists’ safety. He said…

“This is the southwest monsoon season when the waves are strong, and we are aiming to invite tourists to come to Phuket and have fun, but not have any unpleasant incidents.”

The inspection comes after two tourists at another Phuket beach, Kata Beach, drowned on July 14. One of the tourists, a British man on his honeymoon, had ignored red flags posted at the beach. The other tourist, a Thai man, had reportedly drowned trying to save the British man. One eyewitness told The Phuket News that “lifeguards were too slow.”

On the same day the 2#two men drowned, lifeguards managed to rescue another two tourists at Kata Beach. These tourists, a man, and a woman had also ignored red flags and “no swimming” signs, and lifeguards warning people not to get in the water.

SOURCE: The Phuket News

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