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Open invitation to high-level “IT City” meeting

Legacy Phuket Gazette



Open invitation to high-level “IT City” meeting | The Thaiger

PHUKET TOWN: The organizers of a seminar to discuss the plans for turning Phuket into a “Cyberport and International City” have issued an invitation to all interested parties to attend the high-level meeting next Wednesday (June 14) at the Pearl Hotel in Phuket Town. Seventy seats will be allocated to members of the public, on a first-come, first-served basis. Speakers will include Deputy Prime Minister Trairong Suwankiri; Science, Technology and Environment Minister Arthit Ourairat; and Transport and Communications Minister Suthep Thaugsuban. Thaweesak Koanantakwol, director of the state-run National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC), which is one of the seminar organizers, said the plan is for the Cyberport project to be modeled along the lines of Malaysia’s Multimedia Supercorridor and a similar project in Bangalore, India. The purpose of the seminar, K. Thaweesak said, is to provide general information about the Cyberport concept, to discuss possibilities, and to seek support from residents of Phuket. The main topics to be discussed will be Phuket’s strengths and weaknesses in light of its ambition to become an IT city, as well as case studies from neighboring countries. The schedule for the day is as follows: 8.00- 8.45: Registration. 9.00-9.30: Welcome speeches by Dr Trairong Suwankiri, Deputy Prime Minister, and Dr Arthit Ourairat, Minister of Science, Technology and Environment. 9.30-9.45: Welcome remarks by Dr Chira Hongladarom, host of the Channel 11 TV show “Welcome to the New Century”. 9.45-10.10: Special presentation – “If Phuket is an international city” by Dr Pairat Thatchayapong, director of the National Information Technology Committee (NITC). 10.10-10.35: Special presentation – “Phuket: IT and Cyberport” by Dr Pichet Durongwaerojana, director of the Bangkok-based E-Commerce Center. 10.35-10.50: Coffee break. 10.50-11.55: Panel discussion on “Phuket, International City and Cyberport” Panelists: Phuket Governor Charnchai Soontharamut; Sanrasern Wongcha-oom, secretary of the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB); Pradech Phayakvichien, governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT); and former Senator Vichit Na Ranong. 11.55-12.30: Question-and-answer session. 12.30-13.30: Lunch. 13.30-14.15: Special presentation by Dr. Thaweesak Koanantakwol, director of NECTEC; and Jakamon Pasookvanich, deputy secretary of the Board of Investment (BOI). 14.15- 15.30: Panel discussion on “The Path to Becoming a cyberport” Panelists will include representatives of the Phuket Chamber of Commerce, plus Phuket-based Thai and foreign business people. This will be followed by discussion of “Phuket and how well equipped it is”. Panelists will be Thongchai Yongjaroen, director of the Telephone Organization of Thailand; Teerapong Soothinont, director of the Communications Authority of Thailand; and Dr Boonmak Sirinaowakul, Secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office. 15.30-15.55: Coffee break. 15.55-16.25: Question-and-answer session. 16.25-16.45: Closing speech by Suthep Thaugsuban, Minister of Transport and Communications.

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Motorbike driver smashes through glass window after accelerator malfunctions

Kritsada Mueanhawong



Motorbike driver smashes through glass window after accelerator malfunctions | The Thaiger

A female motorbike driver has sustained injuries after her motorbike’s hand grip malfunctioned and she collided with a glass wall. Chalong Police were notified of the incident at an air conditioning shop at 6pm yesterday on Chao Fa West Road in Chalong.

Police and emergency responders arrived and found the shattered glass wall and a damaged motorbike. The injured 40 year old Naowarat Jankarn had already been taken to Chalong Hospital. She sustained injuries from cuts from the broken glass. Pools of blood were found on the floor.

Ms Naowarat told police that she had parked her motorbike in front of the shop since Wednesday . The motorbike was undrivable because the hand grip accelerator was malfunctioning.

Yesterday she started the motorbike, claiming she had forgotten about the broken accelerator.

Motorbike driver smashes through glass window after accelerator malfunctions | News by The Thaiger Motorbike driver smashes through glass window after accelerator malfunctions | News by The Thaiger Motorbike driver smashes through glass window after accelerator malfunctions | News by The Thaiger Motorbike driver smashes through glass window after accelerator malfunctions | News by The Thaiger Motorbike driver smashes through glass window after accelerator malfunctions | News by The Thaiger

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Police hunting for driver who threatened others with a gun on Phuket road – VIDEO

Kritsada Mueanhawong



Police hunting for driver who threatened others with a gun on Phuket road – VIDEO | The Thaiger

PHOTO: Tiw Tiw

The Thalang Police are hunting for the driver who was threatening other motorists on Thepkrasattri Road by waving a gun around out of the driver’s window of his red sedan in Thalang this morning.

A Facebook user ‘Tiw Tiw’ has posted the video with a message reading “where are the police, please follow him. The incident happened this morning in Thalang.”

The video shows a car switching from one lane to another.  The driver shows a gun in his car window and then appears to throw it out (at least he used his indicator).

The Thalang Police are investigating the incident and want to find the car driver for questioning.


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Phang Nga

Phuket’s hotel and property players look north

Bill Barnett



Phuket’s hotel and property players look north | The Thaiger

by Bill Barnett of

One of Greater Phuket’s real estate and hotel market’s that has a decided buzz of late is the area north of Phuket over the Sarasin bridge in Phang Nga.

In Natai Beach, the entry of the Baba Beach Club and nearby Akyra has created renewed visibility for the broad West Coast stretch of white sand beach, extending north beyond Phuket.

Two upscale hotels are in the development phase in the vicinity, with one being flagged to an international hotel operator.

Up at the 1,000 plus rai Thai Muang mega-project, movement is once again underway, as is a nearby massive Japanese-led mixed-use project including a golf course.

Land values are currently running amuck in the Koh Kloi area where the AOT (Airports of Thailand) has reportedly acquired land for an upcoming Phang Nga airport which will provide Phuket with a second gateway alternative.

Premium land transactions are taking place, with the most notable being the recent trade of the former oceanfront site in Bodan that was to be at various stages first a Raffles and later a Ritz-Carlton Reserve.

Looking at Phuket’s light-rail initiative, one knock-on effect will be the eventual linkage between the island and larger connection to a broader rail terminus in Koh Kloi. This will likely spur real estate speculators to acquire peripheral locations.

As Phang Nga’s West Coast four land highway expansion moves forward to Khao Lak and beyond, Phuket’s Northern neighbor is seeing a renewed push in its tourism, property and infrastructure.

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