Pattaya entertainment venues near U-Tapao airport get 24-hour operations approval

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In an effort to stimulate the tourism sector, the Thai Cabinet has given the nod to a proposal that promotes round-the-clock operations of Pattaya entertainment venues. However, this permit is specifically allocated to the region around U-Tapao International Airport.

The allowance is aimed at servicing transient passengers who wish to enjoy a relaxing drink while awaiting their flight schedules, not extending to the operations of beach and nightclubs that are active both day and night, expressed Pattaya Entertainment Association Secretary, Damrongkiet Pinitkarn.

Damrongkiet shed light on the fact that the 24-hour operations proposal does not currently extend to the entertainment establishments in Pattaya. But he swiftly followed this clarification with the revelation that the entertainment venue owners in Pattaya are ardently requesting for their operating closing hours to be extended to 4am legally. This request also ties up with zoning expansions in Pattaya, both of which have been primarily forwarded to the relevant agencies. However, the final decisions are pending till the country successfully transitions to a new government and Prime Minister.

Damrongkiet suggested that if a zoning expansion is given the green signal, it should not negatively impact the residential communities in the locality. It is worth noting that the current proposal in the talks primarily emphasises on extending the entertainment zones from Central Pattaya to portions of Jomtien, Naklua, and Eastern Pattaya. A closer observation reveals that there already exists a good number of bars and entertainment facilities, particularly in Jomtien. However, technically speaking, they should ideally function only as restaurants without any hostess, music, or entertainment, abiding by the 2002 zoning laws.

For now, the legal closing times in Pattaya are still 2am in the entertainment areas and midnight everywhere else. Stay on top of the latest Pattaya news HERE.

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