RTN floods Koh Larn with 170 tons of water amid drought

Picture courtesy of Pattaya News
The Royal Thai Navy (RTN) vessel HTMS Ravi delivered more than 170 tonnes (approximately 154,000 litres) of fresh water to residents of Koh Larn in Pattaya, addressing an ongoing drought. This significant delivery occurred yesterday, prompted by Koh Larn’s struggle with water shortages exacerbated by dry weather and a surge in tourist numbers.

In response to complaints from residents and tourists regarding insufficient water supplies, Pattaya Mayor Poramase Ngampiches sought assistance from the Royal Thai Navy’s Fleet Command 1.

“The Pattaya administration acknowledges the challenges faced by Koh Larn residents. Therefore, we approached Fleet Command 1 to facilitate the delivery of water and alleviate this situation.”

The delivered water aims to fulfill the immediate needs of Koh Larn residents temporarily. Simultaneously, Pattaya officials are actively pursuing long-term solutions to the island’s water scarcity issues.

RTN floods Koh Larn with 170 tons of water amid drought | News by Thaiger
Picture courtesy of Pattaya News

In related news, Thailand and China finally wrapped up negotiations on the RTN’s much-anticipated purchase of a Chinese-made S26T Yuan-class submarine.

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RTN Commander-in-Chief Admiral Adoong Pan-iam announced today that the agreement is now awaiting the final nod from the Thai Cabinet.

“If approved, we will promptly amend the deal with the Chinese manufacturer.”

Admiral Adoong expects the submarine to be delivered in three years. This advanced vessel will significantly enhance the navy’s capabilities, as it will be the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, featuring cutting-edge weaponry.

The submarine deal has faced numerous delays due to the RTN’s initial insistence on German-made diesel engines, a requirement detailed in the original procurement contract. However, Germany has refused to supply these engines to China, adhering to the European Union’s boycott of the country.

Faced with this roadblock, the RTN has decided to abandon its demand for German engines and will instead use the Chinese-made CHD620 diesel engine, reported Thai PBS World.

Admiral Adoong is confident that this acquisition will make the Thai public proud.

“This is a significant milestone for the RTN. We are acquiring our first submarine, and it may be just the beginning, we could see one or two more in the future.”

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