Calamari calamity: Squid vendor cart-wiped on Pattaya street by pickup truck

Picture courtesy of Pattaya News sees vendor knocked over on the road next to his food cart.

In an unfortunate event spurring questions about road safety, a squid vendor riding her food cart was struck by a speeding pickup truck on a bustling street of Pattaya on Tuesday night. The pickup truck implicated in the incident did not stop at the site, leaving the vendor and her companion with minor injuries and raising concerning questions about road safety in the city.

The incident reportedly unfolded around 8.45pm near Soi Boon Samphan 2/1 nestled within the Banglamung district of Chon Buri. Notification of the alarming occurrence quickly reached the Sawang Boriboon rescue workers who promptly rushed to the scene. On arrival, they found a 54 year old Thai woman named Lamyai Khamsaen and her 58 year old partner, also unharmed but understandably rattled.

Lamyai, in conversation with the rescuers, revealed that she and her partner were vendors of grilled squid. They had just wrapped up their sales for the day. After loading their belongings onto their food cart, they were making their way home when they were abruptly struck from behind by what appeared to be a pickup truck speeding towards them. The force of the impact hurled both of them out of the food cart.

Calamari calamity: Squid vendor cart-wiped on Pattaya street by pickup truck | News by Thaiger
Pictures courtesy of Pattaya News.

Though Lamyai and her partner suffered scratches and experienced pain, they were fortunate to escape serious harm. However, many of their products could not survive the shock of the collision and were damaged. Drawing attention to the indifference and irresponsibility, Lamyai shared that the pickup truck driver responsible did not stop but instead fled the scene with little regard for the victims he left behind.

Security camera footage from the scene provided further insights into the incident. The truck involved in the collision was reportedly a white pickup registered in Chon Buri, a province in eastern Thailand. While the visuals provide a critical lead, more details about the driver remain unknown at this point.

The Sawang Boriboon rescue team promptly organised medical support for Lamyai and her partner. They were promptly moved to Pattaya Hospital for medical intervention and are said to be stable at present. Meanwhile, local law enforcement officials have gone on the hunt for the errant driver based on CCTV footage from the locality of the incident. As the investigation into the matter continues, the residents of Pattaya hope for swift justice and safer streets.

Calamari calamity: Squid vendor cart-wiped on Pattaya street by pickup truck | News by Thaiger

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