Pattaya authorities bust illegal marijuana operation, four arrested

Picture courtesy of TMN Cable TV Pattaya

The tranquil coastal city of Pattaya was the scene of a significant law enforcement operation yesterday when Banglamung district officials, public health experts, and local police descended on an unauthorised marijuana operation. The collaboration resulted in the apprehension of four individuals and the confiscation of numerous cannabis products. The identities of these individuals remain undisclosed.

The accused, now under arrest, are facing charges for the unlawful sale of marijuana flowers – a substance under strict control – without the necessary approvals and licenses. Additionally, they stand accused of illegally processing these flowers for commercial gain.

According to the district officials, the alleged offenders confessed to a lengthy period of selling marijuana, primarily to tourists visiting the city. The accused were taken into custody without incident. Legal proceedings have been initiated, with the individuals set to face the consequences of their actions in court, reported Pattaya News.

Health officials from Pattaya expressed the belief that the removal of unsanctioned marijuana from the city’s streets will enhance public safety. Unregulated substances pose a risk due to the potential for unknown additives or incorrect dosage information, which can lead to health issues.

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The successful operation is a testament to the ongoing commitment of Pattaya’s law enforcement and public health bodies to ensure the safety and well-being of residents and visitors alike.

“Almost the entire cannabis market ignores these established rules including prohibiting sales of extracts, vapes, or edibles which are not allowed prior to FDA approval.”

-Jason Jade Thanyasiri, founder of Every Day Cannabis and World Wide Weed, 2024.

In related news, a cannabis shop raid resulted in the discovery of about ten students, including a 14 year old, consuming marijuana within the premises. Residents, distressed by the situation, reported the establishment, leading to an investigation and legal action against the shop owner.

A special operations team from the Lampang administrative department conducted a raid on the cannabis shop, led by Chatchawan Chayabut, the Provincial Governor of Lampang, along with Phumpanya Nawatrakulphisut, the Provincial Police Chief, Chanathip Samyam, the Deputy Governor, Prasong Laon, the Provincial Secretary, Thanarat Saithep, the District Officer, Khomsan Bamrungyat, the Police Station Chief, along with other officials from the Lampang Health Department and Education Office.

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