Pita Limjaroenrat’s triumphant return to Parliament after iTV shareholding court case

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In a sensational comeback, former Move Forward Party (MFP) leader Pita Limjaroenrat reclaimed his spot in the Parliament today, delivering a scathing critique of the government’s 500-billion-baht digital wallet scheme.

The prime ministerial candidate, now leading the opposition, spared no words as he labelled the scheme a potential long-term burden for the country.

“I miss the Parliament atmosphere.”

Having successfully retained his MP status following a Constitutional Court ruling that absolved him of violating regulations, Pita wasted no time expressing his concerns about the Pheu Thai-led government’s flagship digital wallet initiative. Aimed at injecting 10,000 baht into the hands of every Thai aged 16 and above, the scheme, according to the MP, raises red flags for its lack of consideration for long-term financial implications.

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“It is improper to implement short-term economic stimulation with the long-term budget without saving room for financial measures to address long-term problems.”

Urging the government to formulate backup plans for potential challenges, he proposed a strategy favouring small, numerous projects to stimulate the economy from the grassroots level, steering clear of unnecessary debt burdens.

“A top-down handout is unnecessary.”

Reflecting on his parliamentary return, the former 43 year old MFP leader expressed regret for the missed opportunity to contest the prime ministerial position, citing his suspension as the hindrance. On the possibility of his return as the MFP leader, he disclosed that the party would elect a new executive board in April, leaving members to decide his role as the current board completes its four-year term, reported Bangkok Post.

Responding to queries about scandals involving the behaviour of MFP MPs during his suspension, Pita offered a candid apology, acknowledging that his party had room for further development.

In related news, The Constitutional Court’s panel of judges ruled Pita Limjaroenrat not guilty in the iTV shareholding case regarding his membership in the House of Representatives.

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