Oops! Cardi B rips hotpants onstage while twerking in Pattaya

Photo via Daily Mail.

It turns out, even American celebrities have wild nights in Pattaya.

A twerking session in Pattaya went massively wrong for music sensation Cardi B after her hotpants ripped onstage, news outlets reported yesterday. This was at the event Rolling Loud Thailand 2023. The event began in Pattaya on Thursday and lasts until today (Saturday).

Footage from Daily Mail shows the 30 year old rapper performing her hit ‘Backin’ it up.’ She then stops twerking and turns around. The camera zooms out, and Cardi is heard asking her friend, who was behind the DJ deck, “What the f**k you gonna do about it? You got something for me?”

Cardi’s friend responds, “What the f**k you wanna do? You wanna go or you wanna come back here and get that s**t fixed?”

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Cardi asked if her friend had anything for her to wear, but when he didn’t, she declared, “Come on now, alright. F*ck it,” before getting back to business as usual. The show went on, and Cardi continued performing despite the wardrobe malfunction.

Cardi completed her performance by throwing her golden platform heels into the audience. Cardi was the headline performer on Thursday, the first day of Rolling Loud. Her husband, rapper Offset, was set to perform today (Saturday).

Cardi B is known for being quite a character. She is famous for making odd noises, having a playful personality, and saying exactly what’s on her mind. She recently said that she stretches for an hour a day to remain as flexible as she was when she was a stripper.

Others performing at Rolling Loud include Chris Brown, and Travis Scott, and 80 other international artists. Meanwhile, several hip-hop artists are representing Thailand, including F.Hero, UrboyTJ, Youngohm, Twopee Southside, and Thai-American outfit Thaitanium, among many more.

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