Israeli tourist causes chaos on Pattaya’s Walking Street, blames cannabis and stress

Photo by pptvhd36 taken from The Pattaya News

Pattaya’s bustling Walking Street witnessed an unusual scene last night when an Israeli tourist was apprehended for causing disruption and stealing from a local convenience store. The man, whose identity remains confidential, admitted to having consumed cannabis beforehand, attributing his disorderly conduct to the stress induced by the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, coupled with the effects of the drug.

The incident occurred on last night. The Pattaya Police were summoned to Walking Street in South Pattaya following reports of a foreign tourist causing a disturbance.

Upon arriving at the scene, they were met with the sight of the Israeli tourist, exhibiting disruptive behaviour and a lack of cooperation.

Witnesses to the scene reported that the man had caused damage to property along Walking Street. He was seen inexplicably striking several cars parked along the roadside.

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Following this, he entered a convenience store, where he helped himself to food and drinks without making any attempt to pay for the items. This prompted the store manager to seek assistance from the Pattaya Police.

The police’s investigation led them to an unnamed hotel in Pattaya, where the Israeli national was a guest. Upon inquiring about the man, hotel staff revealed that he had been involved in previous disturbances there.

Walking Street disturbances

The tourist had reportedly made his way to the hotel’s rooftop, where he proceeded to turn off the elevator switch, causing inconvenience within the establishment. Following this incident, he left the hotel premises, only to cause further disturbances at Walking Street.

Pattaya Police escorted the distressed tourist to their station in an attempt to defuse the situation. Reports from Thai media suggest that the man was speaking incoherently during his interaction with the police.

He later confessed to having smoked marijuana in an attempt to alleviate the stress caused by the escalating conflict between his home country, Israel, and Hamas. He attributed his disruptive behaviour to the stress he was under, according to reports.

While cannabis was decriminalised in Thailand in 2022, it continues to be a contentious political issue, reported The Pattaya News.

Despite his explanation, the Israeli tourist will face charges and fines for disturbing public peace, according to the Pattaya police.

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