Illegal chemical warehouse in Ayutthaya razed by overnight inferno

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An inferno swept through an unauthorised chemical warehouse in Phachi, Ayutthaya, leading to the combustion of over four tonnes of impounded chemical waste. Thai media outlets first broke the news of the fire at 6pm, yesterday, May 1, depicting a scene of roaring flames and a thick blanket of chemical smoke suffocating the area. The pungent smell that pervaded the locality kept residents on edge.

In response, Ayutthaya’s emergency services rallied more than ten fire engines to battle the flames, which raged overnight. The task was made more complex due to the unidentified nature of the chemical waste, necessitating a cautious approach to prevent further hazards.

As the fire continued to spread, engulfing a 3-kilometre radius, authorities made the crucial decision to evacuate locals and patients from a nearby hospital. The evacuation took place under the cover of darkness, adding another layer of complexity to an already fraught situation.

Despite the overwhelming odds, the firefighting teams managed to quench the fire. However, a residual cloud of white chemical smoke lingered, cloaking a 100-metre radius around the former warehouse. The unpleasant smell, too, persisted as a grim reminder of the incident.

In the aftermath, the Thai Pollution Control Department was called in to assess the air quality. While the toxicity level within the warehouse was found to be alarmingly high, the wider air quality was deemed safe. The contrast underscores the potential disaster that was averted.

With the immediate danger past, Ayutthaya officials turned their attention to the displaced locals. A field hospital was quickly established to provide temporary shelter, offering some respite in the wake of a harrowing night.

The incident has not only underscored the dangers of illegal chemical storage but has also highlighted the resilience and efficiency of Ayutthaya’s emergency services. The situation remains under control, with further updates expected in the coming days, reported Pattaya News.

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