Electrician electrocuted to death in Chon Buri

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An electrician has been electrocuted to death while he was installing wires for a customer in Chon Buri, a province that sits on the Gulf of Thailand. First responders got to the scene to discover 47 year old Montri Somboon’s body still connected to a power pole close to the house. Rescue workers removed Montri’s body; it took them about an hour to extract his body from the pole.

Thai media says a burn mark was found on Montri’s stomach. The electrician was not wearing safety equipment like a helmet and gloves. Nor was he wearing shoes. An eyewitness to the incident, 45 year old Phonchai Witayapraparat says he was inside his house, relaxing when he heard a man crying for help. “I rushed outside and saw the man being shocked. I removed a wire from the transformer to cut the electric current before calling for help”, says Phonchai.

The electrician’s employer, 52 year old Naruesirn Dokmaiklee, says he had warned Montri numerous times about wearing proper safety equipment. He adds that Montri would often try to do work outside of his capabilities. Naruesirn speculates that this is what led to Montri’s death. Specifically, Naruesirn says Montri tried to connect wires that he wasn’t properly trained to handle.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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