Bomb explosion at Tha Phraya Dam in Narathiwat injures four

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A tragedy struck in Narathiwat when a bomb detonated, injuring four individuals at the Tha Phraya Dam at 9.35pm, yesterday. Mueang Narathiwat police swiftly received a report of the incident and dispatched officers along with relevant agencies to the scene.

At the scene, a motorbike engulfed in flames was discovered, with a bomb attached to it. Among the injured were two volunteer defence officers and two women, all of whom suffered significant injuries. Emergency services in Narathiwat were quick to respond, ensuring the victims were immediately transferred to Changwat Narathiwat Hospital for urgent medical attention.

The incident occurred near a local market, with many residents being within 200 metres of the explosion. The detonation of the bomb sent waves of panic through the crowd. The volunteer defence officers present played a crucial role in maintaining order and assisting in the evacuation of the residents to ensure their safety.

Initial assumptions made by the Mueang Narathiwat police suggest that the bombing was an attempt to incite chaos in the three southern border provinces, purportedly orchestrated by a group of southern criminals.

In the quest for justice, the Narathiwat forensic team, along with other relevant agencies, are conducting a comprehensive investigation at the scene of the incident. They aim to find conclusive evidence that will aid in tracking down and holding accountable those individuals involved in this heinous crime. Their tireless efforts are a testament to their dedication to maintaining peace and order in the region.

One local at the scene, who wished to remain unnamed, relived the terrifying moments.

“I heard a loud noise and saw flames shooting up from the motorbike. It was a chaotic scene. People were running everywhere.”

The local community, while shaken by the incident, remains hopeful that justice will prevail. As the investigation continues, the people of Narathiwat are reminded of the bravery and dedication of their local police and emergency services, who continue to work tirelessly to ensure their safety and security, reported the Pattaya News.

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