Thai actor condemns abuse of donations as “deplorable”

PHOTO: Chiang Rai Times

Bin Bunluerit, the Thai actor and volunteer rescue worker who raised funds for Ubon Ratchathani’s flood victims has condemned the community leaders guilty of abusing the relief system he put in place.

His statement comes amid complaints on social media that some of those administering the funds are taking a percentage, before passing the money on to those eligible for aid.

Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwon has now weighed in on the matter, saying the actor must ensure donations are used as intended and prevent abuse of the system.

Following Bin’s fundraising efforts, he appointed trusted community leaders who would provide details of residents who qualified for financial aid.

However, social media users now allege the system is being abused, with those same leaders subtracting a “paperwork fee” of between 300 and 500 baht from each 5,000 baht donation, the amount each flood victim is entitled to.

Deputy PM Prawit says that charging flood victims a fee before giving them the money they’re entitled to amounts to corruption and is calling on Bin to ensure the results of his fundraising efforts are not spoiled by the dishonesty of others.

Bin has described the reports of corruption as deplorable, saying flood victims had paid the fees as they feared they would not get anything if they didn’t.

He says he has now tightened up on procedures, adding that he’s aware of who the guilty parties are and is planning legal action against them.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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