Police lieutenant in NE Thailand reportedly kills motorcyclist in crash

Photo by Matichon.

Last night, a police lieutenant in northeast Thailand reportedly crashed into five motorcycles and killed one motorcyclist. CCTV footage caught the lieutenant ramming his truck into the motorcycles waiting for a traffic light at a traffic island in Buriram province.

The motorcyclist killed was a 25 year old waiting to make a U-turn. After the crash, the lieutenant’s pickup truck lost control and bumped into three other motorcycles on the other side of the road, injuring another three people. One person had serious injuries.

Buriram Police have ordered the Nang Rong district police to conduct an investigation fairly and without bias after victims’ relatives were concerned about the inquiry mainly involving a police officer.

The lieutenant has been ordered to conduct a blood test for possible alcohol and drug abuse. The test results are undergoing.

This is not the first time a police pickup truck has killed a motorcyclist in Thailand. In May, a police truck crashed into a motorbike in the central Pathum Thani province. The vehicle caused the two victims on the bike to lose control and hit a guardrail. One teenager was killed, and another was seriously injured.

After the brutal crash in Buriram, time will tell if justice is served.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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