Man robbed at gunpoint by prostitute’s husband in Isaan

A man highlighted the dangers of booking a prostitute after he was robbed at gunpoint by the sex worker’s husband in the Isaan province of Khon Kaen. The criminal couple was arrested on Monday, which also led to the arrest of ten other prostitutes, but because the victim did not file a complaint with the police the couple got off with a lighter sentence.

The victim posted his traumatic experience on the local news Facebook page Khon Kaen Link four days ago. He disclosed that he met the sex worker, later identified as 21 year old Wilaiporn or Oil, on the roadside in front of the Khon Kaen Provincial Court on Monday, February 20.

He agreed to her services and took her to a nearby hotel. However, Oil contacted her husband, 45 year old Roongroj or Noom, and provided him with the location and he robbed him at gunpoint inside the hotel.

The victim added that Oil’s husband threatened him with a gun and forced him to hand over his money and assets. The exact amount of the victim’s loss has not been reported.

After the story went viral on social media, over 20 police officers from the Mueang Khon Kaen Police Station raided the location mentioned in the post on February 25. The officers did not find Oil at the scene but they arrested 10 other prostitutes, one man and nine women, for offering illegal sex services on the spot.

Police finally arrested Oil and Noom on Monday while they were plotting to set up their next victims on Thepharak Road in the province.

According to the police report, the authorities received a tip-off from a passing motorist who informed officers that Oil requested him to stop and offered him sex services. He believed that she was wanted by the police and notified the police.

Both Oil and Noom tested positive for Yaba or methamphetamines. The couple admitted to having taken two tablets each before their arrest.

They both denied the stickup and theft allegations.

Officers told the press that the victim did not file a complaint with the police and there was no evidence of the robbery so they could not file a theft charge against them.

The two were charged with violating Section 5 of the Act to Prevent and Suppress Prostitution by contacting, persuading, or introducing sex services in a public place which will result in a fine of up to 1,000 baht each. They were also charged with using a drug from a Narcotics Category 1, which will result in imprisonment of up to one year, a fine of up to 20,000 baht, or both.

Several Thai media outlets reported that the couple had been accused of committing thefts on multiple occasions. However, despite being victims of the thefts, individuals have not come forward to file complaints. The reason behind their reluctance is their fear of being arrested for engaging in illegal sex services.

This reluctance to report crimes is not uncommon in the sex industry, where individuals may feel ashamed or embarrassed to disclose their involvement in illegal activities. Such fear often leads to a lack of reporting and accountability, which can perpetuate the cycle of criminal behaviour.

Man robbed at gunpoint by prostitute's husband in Isaan | News by Thaiger

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